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What is there for you PassionFunda Launchpad

Know your Skill and Build your passion to make prosperity in your life

With no Technical skills, your can build your passion area into a profit-making Digital Ecosystem.

Web Development

Learn personal Website building through DIVI  or Dorik Theme


Start a youtube channel a step by step for personal or Branding.


Find your Passion are to build Digital Eco system

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to Build Social media platform

Digi Coaching

Start with the minimum, and later on go to perfection


Learn Canva Graphic & Editing.

Become an PassionFunda

“Welcome to the world of turning your passions into profits! In this channel, we believe that pursuing your passions can be more than just a hobby – it can be a fulfilling and lucrative career. Whether you’re an artist, a fitness enthusiast, or a foodie, there are countless opportunities to turn your passions into a thriving business. In this channel, we’ll explore the many different ways you can monetize your passions and turn them into a profitable venture. From selling products and services to creating online courses and using affiliate marketing, we’ll share strategies and tips to help you take your passions to the next level. So, join us as we embark on this exciting journey to turn your passions into profit!”

PassionFunda Blueprint .

Build your Passion by Doing Practical step-by-step.

Follow the System, and We will help you to find your passion Path

Just following the system your can build your passion area, even if there is no technical knowledge.

Thousands of people were already benefited through this proven system, which is given by my Mentor, and the same path or system I am following and also providing to the people for the benefit of society.

Because we are on a mission to help 1000,00 people to find their passion and build Digital Ecosystem.


PassionFunda System setups.

Build your Digital Eco system

Learn Website building, Social Media Marketing , Youtube

“Building a digital ecosystem around your passion is a great way to not only share your interests with the world, but also monetize them in a sustainable way. With the rise of the internet and social media, there’s never been a better time to turn your passions into a profitable venture. By creating a digital ecosystem, you can leverage technology to reach a wider audience, build a strong brand, and monetize your passions in multiple ways. Whether it’s through selling products, offering services, or creating online courses, a digital ecosystem can help you turn your passions into a full-fledged business. So, if you’re ready to take your passions to the next level, start building your digital ecosystem today!”

PassionFunda Goals setups.

Achieve your goals (90 days-180days,1000 days)

Weekly Live Meetings on the online platform

“Setting a clear path for your passion is an essential step in turning it into a profitable venture. The first step is to identify what you’re passionate about and what makes you truly happy. From there, you can start to explore the different ways you can monetize your passions, whether it’s through selling products, offering services, or creating online courses. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your target audience and what they’re looking for in order to create a sustainable business model. Additionally, setting realistic goals and having a clear plan in place can help keep you motivated and on track. Remember, the key to turning your passions into profit is to stay focused, be persistent, and always keep learning and growing. So, take the first step towards turning your passions into a profitable venture by setting a clear path today!”

My entire journey was prototyping by the end of the first day!

I have gone through many ups and down, but one thing I have in my mind is that the struggle I faced in my life, not the others same will face this struggle.

So to have started learning on the online platform their many fack gurus who just collected the money, but they never thought about the result for their students, but when I have join the classes of Mr. Siddhart Rajsheker, after that I never looks to others.

The process and the system in which he created only a man can fail because of his own problem or his own issues, Else the path which he has created, even a blind can cross the river.

From Sidz system I have learned more and now I am able to Build my Digital Ecosystem.

Rajender S.Saini, Founder of PassionFunda hub.


find the Reguler meeting FAQ

We have the system and support for every problem or issue which occurs while Learning the path of passion areas.

Lack of technical knowledge ?

If you’re not familiar with technology and digital platforms, it can be difficult to build a strong digital presence.

Limited resources?

Building a digital ecosystem can require a significant investment of time, money, and energy, which can be a challenge for those with limited resources.

How can I turn my passions into a profitable venture?

There are many ways to turn passions into profits, including selling products, offering services, and creating online courses. The key is to identify your passions, understand your target audience, and find a sustainable business model that works for you.

How do I monetize my passions?

Monetizing your passions can be achieved through a variety of methods, including selling products, offering services, and creating online courses. It’s important to find a monetization strategy that aligns with your passions and target audience.

What are some common challenges when building a digital ecosystem?

Some common challenges when building a digital ecosystem include lack of technical knowledge, difficulty reaching your target audience, monetization challenges, competition, and limited resources. However, with the right resources and support, these challenges can be overcome.